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what vpn protocol does pia use?

by Javon Fadel Published 1 year ago Updated 8 months ago

What is private Internet Access (PIA) VPN?

Apr 23, 2022 · PIA offers 3 protocols: OpenVPN (TCP and UDP), WireGuard, and IKEv2/IPSec (only available on the iOS app). I’m really happy PIA includes WireGuard because it’s more secure, and in my tests WireGuard provided faster speeds than OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPSec (competitors like TunnelBear and HMA don’t support WireGuard). Visit Private Internet Access

Does Pia VPN support WireGuard?

Jun 11, 2021 · Connection (Only available using the OpenVPN protocol) Use TCP - By default, the PIA app will use the UDP protocol connection, this will specify to use the TCP protocol instead. Request Port Forwarding - This will allow incoming connections to connect to your mobile device via an external port. This is sometimes helpful if an ISP is blocking or restricting specific ports.

What is Pia and what does it do?

Does Pia VPN work in China?


Can Private Internet Access be trusted?

Yes, PIA is really trustworthy. It is a member of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliances (a group of countries that share intelligence data), but PIA has a clea...

Will Private Internet Access work in China?

Yes, PIA works in China. PIA offers obfuscation through Shadowsocks to help bypass government firewalls. And PIA is able to consistently overcome o...

Does Private Internet Access work with Netflix?

Yes, PIA is able to access Netflix. And thanks to PIA’s great internet connection speeds, I was able to stream content on Netflix in HD and without...

Does Private Internet Access have a kill switch?

Yes, PIA offers a kill switch for its iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux apps. PIA doesn’t have a kill switch feature for Android, but this is because...

Why is PIA better than other VPN providers?

Private Internet Access stands above the competition with our 100% open-source VPN apps, open-source VPN protocols, and strict no-logs policy — whi...

Why should I trust Private Internet Access?

With 10+ years of expertise leading the VPN industry, Private Internet Access has become one of the best-reviewed and highest-rated VPN services in...

Can I try PIA for free?

Yes. PIA offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all purchases. The PIA VPN mobile apps for iOS and Android also offer a 7-day free trial period du...

Will PIA slow down my internet?

PIA offers some of the best connection speeds out of any VPN provider thanks to our huge network of world-class servers all across the globe. If yo...

Which devices and operating systems does PIA support?

PIA works on all major devices and operating systems including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, Android TV, iOS, and even routers.

What are the advantages of using a dedicated IP address?

A dedicated IP address gives you all the benefits of using a VPN, plus a little more stability and usability, since that IP address will be exclusi...

What is PIA MACE?

PIA MACE (APK version only) - This enforces the use of MACE, which blocks ads, malware, and trackers. If you are having trouble accessing specific content/websites, sometimes it is because the source of this content is being blocked by MACE.

What type of encryption does a VPN use?

These are the three types of encryption that the PIA VPN uses. By default, the app will use AES-128-CBC, which is very secure. Data Authentication - This is the authentication protocol that will be used between your device and the server you are connecting to.

What is OpenVPN settings?

OpenVPN settings - OpenVPN gives the most flexibility when encountering connection issues as different Sockets and Port combinations can resolve them. Not only are you able to toggle your encryption settings, but you have the option to enable the 'Use small packets' feature.

How to access VPN on Android?

To access the Android settings, select the (3) horizontal lines in the top left corner. Here you will be able to access several options such as: Region Selection, Account, Settings, Log out, and more.

What is VPN Killswitch?

VPN Killswitch - This feature will prevent internet traffic if the VPN becomes disconnected. This is a good utility in general for making sure your traffic does not leak when your traffic absolutely requires protection. Block Connections Without VPN - This uses the built in Android OS "Killswitch".

Is IPV6 protected?

Traffic that occurs over an IPV6 address is not protected as currently; the PIA VPN operates exclusively on IPV4. Block Local Network - This will block access to your local network devices. If you are on a public network, this is suggested. Encryption.

Core Benefits Of PIA VPN

PIA VPN enables you to hide your IP address and change your virtual location. By doing so, you can avoid being tracked by some advertisers and overcome geo-restrictions on content.

What Makes Us Better Than The Rest?

Transparency, support, and advanced features that outperform the competition:

Open-Source Transparency

PIA is one of the only top VPN providers that offers 100% open-source VPN apps. It’s our way of saying that we have nothing to hide — but you don’t have to trust us, you can check for yourself.

PIA's Advanced VPN Features

Firewall-based kill switch functionality provides air-tight leak protection if your VPN connection drops.

Access For All Your Devices

Get simultaneous access on up to 10 devices with only one subscription.

Get A Dedicated IP

Add your very own dedicated IP address and get a static, anonymous IP address only you can access.

Still Not Convinced? Try PIA Risk-Free

You’re covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, get a refund.

Who is the CTO of Pia?

Convicted cryptocurrency criminal hired as the CTO of PIA. For reasons that are not entirely clear, some of the higher-ups at Private Internet Access decided to hire Mark Karpeles as the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) in April 2018.

Is private internet access good?

Private Internet Access may be cheap, but it still does not offer much value. On a positive note, it does have good VPN apps that are secure and user-friendly. But even with that, these drawbacks stand out:

Is Wireguard VPN good?

Nonetheless, the WireGuard VPN protocol does still offer some advantages, including upgraded security and more reliability on mobile devices .


PIA is a tested and proven “no logs” VPN. Many VPN services claim to be “no logs” – but few have actually been tested and/or verified. Private Internet Access is one of the few verified no logs VPN services that has survived real-world tests.

Is PIA a legal drawback?

While Private Internet Access does well in some areas of privacy, one major drawback is the jurisdiction. PIA is based in the United States, which is a member of the five eyes surveillance alliance. And aside from the surveillance concerns, there are also legal drawbacks to operating a VPN in the US.

Does PIA have a Firestick app?

Unfortunately, PIA does not offer a dedicated Firestick app at this time. 4. Troubling history of the parent company (Kape) I have an article dedicated to the issue of Kape purchasing PIA VPN. Here are the main highlights: Kape purchased Private Internet Access in November 2019.

Does VPN have a free trial?

They currently do not offer any free trials. However, with a 30 day refund window, it does function like a free trial VPN allowing you to test the service and cancel if you don’t like it. Refund policy – All plans come with a 30 day refund policy, which is about average for the VPN industry.

Which is better, Surfshark or PIA?

In comparison to PIA, Surfshark is much faster, offers far more features, streams content better, and comes from a solid company based in a privacy-friendly jurisdiction. Where VPNs offer different capabilities or performance, your personal circumstances and needs determine which one provides the most value to you.

Why do people use VPN?

Most people use a VPN to protect their privacy online. Using sophisticated encryption techniques, a secure VPN service will prevent outsiders from reading your message traffic. With a quality VPN, the only people who can potentially see your traffic are at the VPN provider.

Is Kape a VPN?

While the company claims they now provide privacy for their users, we cannot in good conscience recommend a VPN service with a long history of producing malware.

Does Surfshark have a VPN?

Surfshark claims to be a no-logs VPN provider. Our review of their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service confirm that the only information they record is your email address and billing info. None of your online activity is logged.

Does VPN have encryption?

Protecting your privacy requires a VPN to have excellent security. And that means excellent encryption, along with any other special security measures a service might take. Here is what each VPN offers in terms of security and encryption.

Is Surfshark cheaper than PIA?

All PIA subscriptions come with a 30 day money-back guarantee. Surfshark is also an affordable VPN service. Like PIA, Surfshark offers three different pri cing tiers, with the cheapest rate coming in at $2.49 per month, making it slightly less expensive than Private Internet Access.

Is private internet access bad?

Additionally, Private Internet Access is based in the United States, which is one of the worst jurisdictions in the world for a privacy-focused business. There have been many cases of the US government forcing US VPNs or email providers to collect data on users for various investigations.

How many devices can you use a PIA VPN on?

PIA VPN can be used on 10 devices simultaneously. With just a single subscription plan, you can protect multiple devices at once. Speaking of the subscription plan, you can always cancel your PIA VPN subscription if you end up not being satisfied with the service.

Why doesn't PIA work in China?

PIA itself accepts that their service might not work in China due to blockades enforced by the GFW. The recent updates in the GFW have made many VPNs obsolete. PIA is one of the services that have felt the brunt of the recent VPN ban in China. Regardless, few tricks might help you access Private Internet Access China services.

What is the Great Firewall of China?

The Great Firewall of China is the combination of tools applied by the Chinese government to enforce widespread censorship. In addition to being a powerful system of mass surveillance and censorship, the Great Firewall (GFW) is a mysterious entity.

Can you use IP instead of hostname in VPN?

Most VPN providers recommend that you use IP instead of the hostname while connecting in China. As it happens, the GFW has the ability to detect hostnames. The reason is explained below.

Does PIA VPN work in China?

PIA VPN doesn't work reliably in China , even though it has one of the biggest names in the industry with over 29,000+ servers. If you still want to use the service in China, you can check out this guide for some cool hacks that might just do the trick. Private Internet Access or PIA is one of the known VPN services on the interweb.

Is VPN working in China?

For instance, the VPN works in some parts of China, however, in other places, it becomes completely inoperable due to the infamous Great Firewall. In addition, you may find the service working on some ISPs while on others, it may be completely blocked. In my experience, you will find better luck using the VPN on a 4G network rather than on Wi-Fi. ...

Is L2TP faster than OpenVPN?

With regard to its efficiency, privacy advocates consider L2TP connections as dated and inefficient. These connections are quite often slower and less proficient than the widely used OpenVPN connections. In fact, OpenVPN’s popularity is the reason why the Chinese government has gone after this protocol, ignoring L2TP in the process. As a result, Private Internet Access China service sometimes works through the L2TP connections.

What is VPN port?

What Is a VPN Port? VPN ports are communication endpoints that dictate the way Web data is transferred between them. So in that sense, they’re software constructs. When talking about VPN ports, we’re talking about communication ports (unlike actual and physical ports that can found on your computer, for example).

Why do we need VPN ports?

In that sense, network ports are used to transmit data over the Web. They’re needed because there are different ways to transfer data, which means that there are different types of network (and VPN) ports. In the world of VPN services, Web data is transferred in a highly secure and encrypted way. So, VPN ports handle incoming ...

Why do VPNs use different ports?

Since VPNs use different protocols to create secure data tunnels, they also use different ports for that purpose. In other words, each protocol is designed to use a specific port to “negotiate” a secure connection.

How does a VPN work?

In the world of VPN services, Web data is transferred in a highly secure and encrypted way. So, VPN ports handle incoming and outgoing packets, ensuring that proper encrypt ion is employed along the way.

Which protocol uses 1723?

Then, we have the PPTP protocol, which uses ports 1723 through 1729.

Is it safe to use VPN on every port?

Of course, not every port is equally safe – even though the level of encryption we get today is practically uncrackable. Still, there are some ports that VPNs typically avoid using. When it comes to the IKE (Internet Key Exchange) protocol, you can see above that it uses port 500.

What is a VPN Protocol?

A VPN protocol is the set of instructions/rules that outline how a connection should be made between your device and the VPN server. The protocol in some way determines the speed and may use encryption algorithms to help keep your data secure.

Commonly Used VPN Protocols

These are protocols most reputable VPN providers & best VPNs prefer to offer. They are very secure with fast speeds, stability, and they are not easily compromised.

Outdated VPN Protocols

These are protocols that most reputable VPN providers stopped offering due to their vulnerabilities. However, you can still get them on a majority of VPN providers.

Proprietary VPN Protocols

These are protocols that are owned and controlled by a given VPN provider. They are solely created and customized to be used within their VPN services.

Wrap Up

VPN protocols provide guidelines and specifications on how a VPN connection should be made. Depending on the protocol in use, a VPN connection can be faster, secure, or stable.

Answering Your Questions About PIA and Omegle

Below you’ll find answers to some of the other questions about unblocking Omegle with Private Internet Access. I’ve also included some VPN alternatives known to work with Omegle to get you up and running.

Why Does Private Internet Access Not Work With Omegle?

One of the main reasons Private Internet Access does not work with Omegle is because the website uses scanning technology to identify your GPS location and IP address.

Do You Need To Use a VPN For Omegle?

You do not need a VPN to use Omegle. However, it is recommended to use one as any data you share with the service (chat transcripts, for example) are not encrypted and are stored on the Omegle servers.

VPN Alternatives That Provide Obfuscation Features

Although PIA does not work with Omegle, there are a variety of other VPNs that connect successfully. I have tested each one of the following providers and can confirm they work correctly.

How to Use a VPN to Unblock Omegle?

Once you choose a VPN provider that works with Omegle, the following steps explain how to connect and begin chatting:


VPNs that use obfuscation are more likely to access Omegle without running into any issues.

What is VPN in the internet?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is basically of 2 types: Remote Access VPN permits a user to connect to a private network and access all its services and resources remotely. The connection between the user and the private network occurs through the Internet and the connection is secure and private.

What is intranet VPN?

Intranet based VPN: When several offices of the same company are connected using Site-to-Site VPN type, it is called as Intranet based V PN. Extranet based VPN: When companies use Site-to-site VPN type to connect to the office of another company, it is called as Extranet based VPN. Basically, Site-to-site VPN create a imaginary bridge between ...

How does a VPN work?

Basically, Site-to-site VPN create a imaginary bridge between the networks at geographically distant offices and connect them through the Internet and sustain a secure and private communication between the networks. In Site-to-site VPN one router acts as a VPN Client and another router as a VPN Server as it is based on Router-to-Router ...

What protocol does an online shopping website use?

Online shopping websites commonly uses SSL and TLS protocol. It is easy to switch to SSL by web browsers and with almost no action required from the user as web browsers come integrated with SSL and TLS. SSL connections have “https” in the initial of the URL instead of “http”. OpenVPN:

What is VPN for employees?

An employee of a company, while he/she is out of station, uses a VPN to connect to his/her company’s private network and remotely access files and resources on the private network. Private users or home users of VPN, primarily use VPN services to bypass regional restrictions on the Internet and access blocked websites.

What is site to site VPN?

A Site-to-Site VPN is also called as Router-to-Router VPN and is commonly used in the large companies. Companies or organizations, with branch offices in different locations, use Site-to-site VPN to connect the network of one office location to the network at another office location.

What is IP security?

Internet Protocol Security (IPSec):#N#Internet Protocol Security, known as IPSec, is used to secure Internet communication across an IP network. IPSec secures Internet Protocol communication by verifying the session and encrypts each data packet during the connection.#N#IPSec runs in 2 modes:#N#(i) Transport mode#N#(ii) Tunneling mode#N#The work of transport mode is to encrypt the message in the data packet and the tunneling mode encrypts the whole data packet. IPSec can also be used with other security protocols to improve the security system. 1 (i) Transport mode 2 (ii) Tunneling mode

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